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How do you collect the nets?

Updated: Jan 13

Beach Cleans! Since we are a start up, predominantly we collect the nets from local beach cleans executed within our area, we are based in Plymouth Uk. This occasion we were at Whitsand bay, a nice (slightly unreliable) surf spot in south east Cornwall that's unfortunately often covered in plastic, especially after a storm. This day it took two of the knot bliss team only twenty minutes to fill half a bin bag full of ghost nets! It’s an alarming site, it’s part of the reason we named our brand Knot Bliss. We believe if everyone could see the effects plastic pollution has on our coastlines and wildlife people would change their attitudes on plastic a lot faster. Out of sight, out of mind, in this case Ignorance is Bliss. But is it really? we don't think so. That's why we came up with a practical solution to plastic pollution. - Knot Bliss.


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